Increase your revenue by targeting the right consumers

Our Mission

Connecting Local Businesses
with Local Consumers, Globally

Our Values

Glc Candor Glc Agility Glc Simplicity
Glc Customer Centric Glc Data Driven


Snehta is a local search company empowering local businesses to connect with relevant, local consumers. Snehta also provides its local businesses with technology and services to help manage their customer acquisition and retention in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Through the use of advanced technology and superior customer service, Snehta is changing the way local businesses reach, communicate with and retain their customers. We aspire to be the best in the world at accomplishing these things for several billion local consumers and sixty million local businesses around the globe.


You may be wondering how we came up with the Company name, ' Snehta '. Here is the story behind Snehta:

Around 500, BC, Ancient Athens invented the concept of democracy which is so important to the full expression of human dignity. In any society, a vital ingredient supporting democracy is a robust economy of strong local businesses. Athens started with democracy which at that time supported local business development and a strong market economy. We looked at the landscape today. The Internet is changing the way all people around the world live and work. We see local businesses and their use of the Internet and technology as crucial to the support of their societies and furthering the cause of democracy itself. Therefore, the name Snehta arose as we are starting at the opposite end of the spectrum from Athens and are starting with the local business and its success as supporting democracy. Hence, the name Snehta , which is Athens in reverse.